About H&N Herbs


H&N Herbs was founded in 2000. Our goal at H&N Herbs is to bring only the highest quality of dietary supplements.

H&N HERBS offers a variety of the leading dietary supplements including products for Joint Health, Glucose Metabolism and Cholesterol. H&N HERBS also has an extensive display of articles on health and nutrition. H&N HERBS continues to stand behind every product with quality and effectiveness guarantee.

H&N Herbs products are formulated by Dr. Naguib (holds a PhD. in chemistry). Working for many years in analytical labs on the East Coast analyzing nutritional supplements, he found that some of the products do not contain the amounts of actives on the label. Moreover, with over 100 publications in peer reviewed journals and health and dietary magazines, Dr. Naguib has the trusty expertise that may help with your health needs. So based on his knowledge of where to buy high quality ingredients and who to trust to manufacture the products, he took on this H&N Herbs project. Integrating the need of his family to daily dietary supplements along with his expertise in the field, he developed a number of products to support healthy living, which he would also like to share with you. After receiving positive feedback from family and friends, he decided to offer H&N Herbs' products, which you may benefit from, as you may be amazed at the true and direct testimonial of our products over the years.

Try today, we have a 100% Guarantee for the Satisfaction of our products or your money back.

Dr. Naguib currently holds nine U.S. patents, one International patent, and several pending patents on dietary supplements and measuring antioxidant activities; and writes about nutrition and health in various magazines (see some of these articles in the library link). In fact, Dr. Naguib who is well known in the dietary supplements industry and has both knowledge and experience in development of nutraceutical and herbal products can answer any questions you may have about these products.